NUSRI-FLEX Global Business Plan Challenge Successfully Concludes

The finals of NUSRI-FLEX Global Business Plan Challenge, jointly organized by National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute and the Fortune-500 Flextronics Lab IX, were held on the afternoon of August 30 to determine the first, second, and third prizes in the 15 projects.


The competition drew on the internationalized advantages of the "China-Singapore (Suzhou) Innovation Center" by setting up a panel of judges consisting of Xu Wenqing, Deputy Director of Suzhou industrial Park Science and Technology Bureau, Vice-president Lucas Clarke of US Flextronics, Senior Director Jin Hwee Choo of Investment Fund of United Overseas Bank, Chen Zhong, Co-founder of, and other reputed entrepreneurship experts. 15 projects, from the fields of "intelligent wearable outfit", "environmental technology", "mobile medicine", "O2O tourism", and others, were selected for the finals to compete for 1.5 million-yuan prize money.

Based on its distinct superior educational resources, National University of Singapore provided the competitors with the trendy international course of "business plan" in combination with the glamorous US Silicon Valley-designed curriculum, by which the participants could draw inspirations for innovation practice in conjunction with theoretical guidance. The competition will help to improve the overall startup and innovation environment and promote international hi-tech cooperation.

National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute will, after the conclusion of the competition, work out follow-up systematic proposals for startup and financing to help the incubation of excellent projects and to foster mature innovative enterprises.

August 31, 2015